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Connie S.Y. Jiao is a professional member of the Ritma Naturopathy and Alternative Medicine Association in Canada, a Naturopath and TCM practitioner, She has a B.Sc. degree and has studied in Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine University, the best TCM University in China. She also trained with high-profile TCM doctors for difficult cases in Beijing, China.

Having had a long history of battling sports injuries and allergies herself, Connie has developed a passion for helping people feel the joy and freedom that comes with true healing and restoration of one's health. She will work with you to help facilitate this transformation so that you can get back to living your best life.

She is trained in the various traditional Chinese medicine techniques, including cupping, trigger point therapy, herbal medicine and intramuscular stimulation to release chronic pain symptoms and help many other chronic health problems.

West Island Chinese Medicine Clinic offers  high quality of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in West island and Montreal area:

  • Cupping Therapy, Acupressure

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine  (TCM), Herbal Medicine

  • Clinical Nutrition & Lifestyle Counselling

  • Food therapy

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